What I Learned Yesterday #22 (power of gratitude)

Just finished the “Statistical Thinking” course and it is just awesome, I will revisit it again to check my understanding and will share with you the main concepts soon. And today I would like to talk about non-technical stuff, about the gratitude.

Gratitude is the most powerful emotion, it doesn’t have an opposite negative feeling like for example joy has sadness, love has hate and so on; it gives you infinite power as it never has “minus effect”, it’s only growing; being grateful makes you invincible, because you accept any experience and take only positive from it. 

And I learned to be grateful.. by practicing. By practicing to say thanks to anything that happens to me, to be grateful for little things others may not notice or think of them as something given by default. And today, and everyday I am grateful for having a happy family, for having a lot of amazing friends, for doing things I love, for being a person I want to be, for having food in my fridge, for having roof above my head, for having a simplicity in understanding complex concepts, for being highly intelligent by nature, for the technology and internet, for electric cars and people who care about our planet, for living in amazing Barcelona… So many things to be grateful for… And I am sure everyone can find at least something or someone to say thanks to. 

And to help you to do this I encourage you to try the following exercise. Every day before going to bed write down 3-5 things you are grateful for today. Or do this in pair, with someone you really care about, with someone specific for you and send each other your lists. The second is much better, more recommendable and more emotional. Extended version will be doing the same in the morning AND before the sleep. Try it at least for one month, diligently and you will notice the change, at least in the way you think.

I hate hypocrisy and love practicality, so I am doing this exercise with two persons that are really important for me and I really enjoy it. Next month I will share my results and hopefully you, my dear reader, will too. Wishing you the greatest day ever and see you tomorrow 🙂

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