What I Learned Yesterday #21 (knowledge arrogance)

Every Tuesday after work I go to the mind gym which is called Soft Skills Academy, where I have a lot of friends, where we all have huge ambitions, where we learn to be better together.

Last night we were talking about finance and money, the mindset and habits of a rich person and what to do to become that rich person. And the answer is easy – if you want to be a millionaire or want to have financial freedom you have to act like this type of person, you have to educate yourself, work like a millionaire and deploy patience. What surprised me a lot is I know all this, I already have that necessary knowledge, I have already created that type of mindset – remains only to act, to try, to fail, to improve your actions and try again.

What do I mean by all this… For example, money is just a tool – it is not something good or bad, it all depends on how do you use it. Money is the same tool as a hammer – in the hands of a good person it will help to fix or create something, while person with bad intentions can use it to destroy.. someone’s property or someone’s life… It is the same tool as the internet – you can use internet to make money, to make friends, to share your knowledge with others or you can use it to criticize everything and everyone, complain how bad world is and pour your shit on others… Also you can just watch Netflix and be satisfied with little. It’s your choice. You have all the possibilities, you can execute on them or do nothing. It’s just a tool.

By the way, there are some rules in this game called life. And you can’t change it, because it’s not in your control. You have to know these rules and just improve your game. Rich people don’t pay taxes as they know legal ways to avoid it. They didn’t change the rules, they found leaks, exceptions and used it for their benefits. And I think it’s completely okay. Everyone can do that. Google it. I am dead serious. If you won’t find the exact way how to it, you will definitely find a person that can help or direction on how to improve your search.

It’s all about mindset and I already have it. Although, my sin is not to communicate it enough to other people. For me it became thaaaaaaat normal I started to think everyone understands this. And when I began to talk more, to listen more carefully, to read between the lines (still learning this as it’s one of my weak points, here is the post about this) I realized that years of self-educations didn’t pass by without an effect on me. I have learned a lot, I have improved a lot and I will continue to do this, because world is changing rapidly and if you are not moving forward you’re moving backwards. I have peace in mind and I truly believe this is the most important, this is the foundation on which you can build whatever you want. 

I want to finish with a commitment to over-communicate my truth, to share my thoughts with more people and always be a bigger person in any given situation. Another commitment is to write a post every day thanks to my good friend and fantastic person James, who gave me a positive feedback on my work and, at the same time remembering other people who left kind comments directly below the other posts or by DM’ing me. I am very grateful for this.

Once you win your mind, you win your game. Sounds simple, but hell it is difficult to do. I know it, I do it every day and I see the dividends. I really, really hope you will or you already do too. See you tomorrow and have an incredible day 🙂

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