Constancy Is The Key (WILY #28)

I have to admit, it is not that easy to write an article every day. Especially, when you woke up at 7 while planning to do that at 5:30 🙁

Seriously, I am sitting in front of the screen with hundreds of ideas and examples during 8 minutes, but cannot put it all together into something logical and valuable.

From one side, I promised myself to post everyday, from another – I want it to be something interesting and valuable, so posting just to post doesn’t make sense for me.

…Again we are talking statistics. It’s everywhere, amazing. So, constancy. Remember talking with my friends about getting an appointment in the police office for the fingerprints. Here, in Barcelona, you have to do that online, – you reserve your appointment, prepare necessary documents and then come. Little clarification, it is quite difficult to do that – when you submit your data it says: “For the moment we don’t have appointments available, the department will publish them soon”. ALMOST all the time.

The word ‘almost’ is capitalized, because it’s a key word. ‘Almost’ means there is a chance. Some people get their appointments. So I can do that as well, can’t I?

Back to the conversation with my friends. They would claim: “Oh, there is no any appointment, I am trying for so long… They just don’t open the new ones. And other people also trying and cannot get it. It’s being a month or something… ” and so on. At the moment of conversation I didn’t face the problem yet and didn’t know how really difficult it is, so I was just nodding.

Yesterday, I’ve got the appointment. After a week of trying. Week! not month. Of trying 8 to 10 (maybe even more) times per every fucking day. So if I were “trying” by doing it once a day, not even EVERY day – I would definitely say I haven’t fucking tried. We have to be honest with ourselves. Now I know – my friends haven’t tried enough. And don’t even bullshit me about the luck.

I am becoming better professional, because I learn constantly; I don’t have a girlfriend, because, repeating, I haven’t even tried. 

Of course, constancy should be smart. If you are working hard and don’t get results, you have to revise your strategy, – something might be wrong. As Einstein said: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” It doesn’t work that way.

Photo by Alexis Antonio on Unsplash

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