What I Learned Yesterday #1

Few discoveries:

  1. Blockchain – is just a list of elements (blocks) where every element has it’s own key (hash) and a key of previous element (previous hash). Meaning if break one element – the entire chain won’t be valid. Each element can contain any data you want. This chain is distributed among many computers or in easier words – has it’s own copy on different machines. Consensus protocol is used to keep all these copies valid – another algorithm I won’t go into detail for now.
  2. The library Flask in Python – is the easiest way to create a web-server I know so far. I think I’m moving into Python completely. Still a lot of stuff to learn. But in the end – this language is awesome – I can do my Data Science projects, now I know how to create a web-server – why make things difficult using different languages?
  3. Snapseed – is an amazing mobile app for photo editing. So far tried only two tools: “Lens Blur” and “Healing” (result in my Instagram). Fantastic solution to improve your photos and the best thing about it – its’ free.
  4. Also tried to bake meat, but didn’t learn much from it 😀

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