What I’ve Learned Yesterday #31 (patience)

It’s being a long time since I posted something. The truth is I wasn’t sure on what to focus, I was trying different things, I had a lot of work, I had a lot of doubt. Strange times, to be honest. But I realized I actually like writing. And I cannot leave my audience without content.

Why do I write, why do I post so many things – I want to leave a legacy. I want my and other kids watch/read all this and understand that my path was not easy, that to build something great you have to work a lot and be patient and that you can achieve whatever you want to achieve with kindness and love, that being grateful makes your life easier as you don’t lose your focus because of unnecessary things, that adversity makes you stronger, that happiness depends 100% on you.

And sometimes there will be moments of difficulty, when you work, when you try, but you don’t see any positive feedback, you don’t see any result and you are one step from giving up. I am now in this situation. I reached plato. It means I have to change something, I have to find something that doesn’t work, I have to try something new, something I have never done before, I have to step up to the next level. But I have no clue where to make this step, I have no clue what doesn’t work, I have no clue what new thing I have to try, what change I have to make.

That’s why I just do. I just try new things. That’s why I started to create my course on SQL, because it creates a lot of challenges for me: grabbing video, preparing material, editing video, setting up the environment, learning from mistakes – and yet, no results at all. Because I haven’t publish it yet, I have no clue if it’s going to work, I have never explained any concept to other people – so I just go blind. But I move forward. With patience. With understanding that it can even last for years. But I know, all these efforts worth it. I’ve got ambition, I’ve got to work my ass off.

I’m not complaining guys and would like you to stop if you do. Just realizing that great things should be hard, just realizing everyone has its own path, everyone has its own ambition, and this ambition can be different. Some may want to build an international company, some may want to have happy and healthy family. But in the end its all about happiness. If you are happy, don’t complain. If you are not – do something about it.

Right now I am happy, because I am alive, I have great parents and incredible brother, I have nice friends, I have food in my fridge, I am healthy. But for me its not enough. I want more. That’s why I do more.

If you like what you do, if it brings you happiness, please stick with it and don’t listen to other people. Because no one, again no one! knows who you are and what is best for you. It just might take time to achieve the result you want – be patient, keep going, enjoy the process, love the game. Message for myself.

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