Procrastination or Lack of Thoughts

Sometimes this just happens. It seems like you have some idea, you want to express it, you want to bring value, you want to create something useful, but you are sitting in front of the screen and keyboard for 2 hours, distracting on any minimal occasion, and nothing.

This is why I am writing this instead of the material I was thinking. Because it just doesn’t go.. I don’t like what I wrote, it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t have any valuable message, so I just clear everything and continue staring into the pixels of my monitor.

This stream of words is kind of creative solution to the problem: you have no clue what to write, – write that you have no clue what to write. Usually, describing something that just happened or is happening right now is much easier, because the emotions are still fresh.

So I write about my procrastination. And how I hate it. It’s just wasting of time, but I continue doing it. So funny :D. Procrastination happens when you don’t have a clear plan of actions. You don’t have a clear plan of actions when you don’t see the final point you want to reach. Also it happens when you are not sure of what to do… but stop, it’s the same.

So, let’s fix it. What is the objective of this blog? – Nice question. The main objective is to create a base for my personal brand, to show people what I do and how I do that in all different aspects of my life. I truly believe it can help someone. At least it helps me. It helps to calm down and put together my thoughts, it helps to create summaries of my work in data science, it helps to tell my story…

This week I was quite lazy in regards of blog, but very active in Instagram, what led to notable increase in the number of followers there. The previous week – totally opposite. I believe, I can do both equally well, but there is the third part – I am learning myself to become more open and overcome some stupid fears I still have and the truth is – it takes a lot of energy. This is the moment of my life where I have finally decided to dedicate all the efforts to learn empathy, because it seems like the absence of this skill creates the majority of difficulties I face right now…

Wow! The procrastination has been beaten. Congrats to me. It is a really good method to fight “lack of words” problem – just starting to write/tell everything that pops up in your head. It worked here and I am sure it will work again in similar situation. The best learning is by doing. Just proved.

Happy Sunday and have a nice week ahead 🙂

Photo by Ahmet Ali Ağır on Unsplash

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