1 Year Online

This blog was created on 12th of May, 2018 and today I am writing this post to sum up a little – what have been achieved, how did it go, what can be improved, some numbers, what have changed and so on.

It’s being a nice journey so far, I have connected with different people throughout the world, I have reconnected with a lot of my friends, I have got a lot of support, I had ups and downs, I started to understand more myself, I went out of my comfort zone…

I am trying a lot of things at the same time and it seems overwhelming, because the truth is I still didn’t come up with my “pillar” content. I have written tutorials, I have posted quotes, just random thoughts about positivity, gratitude, data science, travel, kindness, freedom, few times tried to record vlog videos, created my video course and many other things.

I have learned that it is a game of constancy and patience, and bringing value to others, and answering to questions, comments and requests. It’s about helping people that send you an email explaining their problem or difficulty.

1 year is nothing in the macro context, but it is everything in the micro, because it confirms I am still here and I am not going to give up. I will try other things and I will continue to document my journey. If we look at numbers we can understand that I didn’t do well, I mean it could have been done better, but I am just starting, I am still experimenting and I am still looking for my “pillar” piece of content. Actually now, while writing this I am thinking: “Why the hell I didn’t solve this problem yet?”. Well, will work on it asap.

And now to numbers. As of 18th of May, 2019 I’ve got the following:

  • Blog – 1K monthly users, 289 – weekly and 51 daily
  • Instagram – 1119 followers with 110 mean of likes and story views, mean reach by post ~300 (no analytics services, just estimation by eye)
  • Facebook Page – 91 followers, mean reach – 75
  • Medium – 300 followers and 1K monthly reads
  • LinkedIn – 293 followers – 50 post views (started with LinkedIn just 2 weeks ago)
  • Twitter is dead 😀
  • Kaggle – 1 follower (I actually should work on this platform muuuuuch more :D)

As you may see – numbers are not impressive at all, but it won’t stop me. I am just starting. And yes, it’s not that easy to start with 0 followers, but that’s the reality.

We are used to admire those guys that post one video that goes viral, but it doesn’t happen very often, the probability of that is actually very-very low. Although people like to tell such stories. In reality, it’s all about hard work during a long time, during months and years, despite the story is not that entertaining. But that’s the reality of the game. You work hard – you get yours.

There are people that are more talented than I am, more charismatic than I am, have more money and connections than I do, are better at public speaking than I am, oh, you can be better at anything than I am, but I have a little characteristic – I am patient and hardworking enough to get to the places, to achieve the results you wouldn’t even think of. And I am just starting 😉

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