10 Days Without Social Media and I am Still Alive!

I guess everyone has read at least one of such articles: “I decided to stop using Facebook and this is what happened”, “After so many years in social media I stopped for a month and now I feel free”, “I  uninstalled Instagram, got this and that benefit, finally found time for myself and my family, and I won’t install it again” and all this similar bullshit.

People blame social media, something external, in their lack of time, motivation, whatever and forget that it is their choice use it or not, spend there 10 minutes or 10 hours.

I did this experiment too, unintentionally. I had to totally focus on other things and Instagram with Facebook weren’t on the list. And yes, I spent 10 or more days without social media. Did I feel free? Did I get more time? Did I improve relationships with important for me people? Did I become a better person? – No, no, no and again no.

Nothing has changed. Actually I was missing it. I was missing this feeling of sharing something and creating a trigger for a conversation with someone else. Because every time I posted something there was at least one person that would comment that. And we would have a little chat. And I would learn something from that little experience. And few days later we meet, we can talk about this again.

Instead, I’ve got 24 hours of absolute silence – it’s boring. If I need that I can turn on “Do not disturb” and “the entire world will wait”…

Social media is just a tool. You can use it for good, you can use it for bad, you may not use it at all – it’s your choice. Always. Don’t blame something you CAN control. That’s why I always hated this type of articles – because it’s bullshit. Facebook is bad, people post dumb things on the Instagram, kids only playing games on their tablets, I don’t have time because of Twitter and so on and so on. Bullshit, bullshit and again bullshit.

So the question is: “Does someone with the gun in front of your head make you use Snapchat?”. If the answer is “no”, you have to stop complaining and kind of rethink few things.

Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “10 Days Without Social Media and I am Still Alive!”

  1. Хотите верьте хотите нет, но уже несколько лет пытаюсь пользоваться соцсетями (можно сказать заставляю себя) и так и не могу понять какой в этом смысл, зачем это мне?

    1. Так не пользуйтесь) зачем себе жизнь усложнять и делать то что Вам не нравится, заниматься чем-то что не имеет для Вас смысла) мне нравится, я вот и делаю. Я хочу чтобы меня услышало больше людей и на данный момент соц сети это самый лучший инструмент для достижения этой цели)

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