Chasing the Sunrise

It’s been a while I was silent and the reasons do not include laziness. Sometimes it happens when all the stressful situations appear in one moment – I had a lot of work recently (still have though), this moving into new apartment thing (I am very happy, but it is exhausting), not eating well and many other smaller little things I had to deal with. Finally I found an hour of tranquility and just started to write. 

Remember when I came to Barcelona I had to work a lot, study and party from time to time, but at some point I created a habit of meeting a sunrise once a week, allocating some time usually on Sundays. I would wake up early in the morning, take my bicycle, put the music on and go to the beach to see how the day begins, to observe how slowly sun is rising and the light fills the city, how the darkness becomes weaker and everything wakes up. Some people would already make their morning run routine, some would meditate on the beach, and all this – in complete silence, only the sound of waves breaking against the sand and seagulls shouting from time to time from different sides. 

It was a perfect beginning of the day, as it was giving me the feeling of fulfillment, of energy flowing through my body and it was just beginning of the day – so many things can be done! Without knowing that, I was meditating those days – not thinking about anything, just observing my surroundings. And it was so beautiful….

Then I moved to another apartment, which was much further from the sea, I started a new job, then another one remotely (some difficult times) and I left my weekly routine. Then I moved even further, to the mountains, and there, even in summer it was much harder to get my ass up and go to the beach. And I am not talking about doing it in the morning.

I forgot about the beauty of this magnificent moment. Some people pay a lot of money to get to the sea and when they have this chance they do not waste it. They meet all sunrises and sunsets possible. I am lucky enough to leave in the city by the sea, but with work and all other routines sometimes I forget how incredible it is.

Now I don’t have any excuses for not watching sun rising. I live very close to the sea, I don’t even need a bike to get there. Today I experienced again all these amazing feelings from the first year, I saw the sun rays changing from red to yellow, I saw this beautiful sky, I was calmer than boa, it was fascinating and now I want to do it more. Now I want to wake up earlier despite the cold, despite the chaos on my head, despite being tired. Because I have an amazing opportunity and I don’t want to miss it.

Sometimes we forget about beautiful things we have around us, we stop noticing them, we start to complain, we want to go to another place (yes, here I am a sinner). I understand that not everyone is living in such beautiful city as Barcelona, but anyway something nice and lovely can be found everywhere, just needs more effort. I truly believe in a statement: “There is always a solution”, if you are looking for something you will find it. It has always been like this and will always be. You just have to be sure what you are looking for and do not give up after first failure.

I don’t know if waking up before the sun and observing its’ rising has some benefits for health or mind and so on, so I won’t write here 10 cool and useful reasons to do so. The only thing I know – it is incredibly gorgeous and it gives you a moment of tranquility. If you like this combination and have a possibility, definitely worth trying.

This time the photo is mine

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