What I’ve Learned Yesterday #25 (benefits of waking up early)

A lot of people promote waking up early saying it’s improving your inner self, makes you more motivated, give you more time, more focus and so on. The list of synonyms is infinite. And you can find a lot of articles about this. 

My writing here is my own experience. It may not work for you, it may not work any other person except me. But what I understood by waking up early is that you need to, you HAVE TO have something to do. You need some kind of routine. And not a boring one. Seriously.

Some days I’ve being waking up at 6 and thinking “Eeeemmm, what I gooonnaa do?” and falling asleep for the next 3-4 hours. Waking up early won’t make you more motivated, more productive or more efficient. It just gives you more time. More time to do something valuable. It is also about enjoying the silence. It is about being one-to-one with my thoughts. It is about me being me. 

In the early morning I meditate, exercise, respond to comments and check emails, sometimes learning something, I also go to gym and write articles. I do it calmly, slowly, deliberately, without interruptions or distractions. And I really enjoy the tranquility of this magical time and also silent melodic death metal I tell Alexa to put on. I enjoy all the instruments and start smiling more. I continue with louder sounds in my headphones on the way to work and enter the office shouting “¡Buenos días!”.  

Photo by icon0.com from Pexels

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