What I Learned Yesterday #23 (storytelling)

We, humans, love stories. We like to deep dive into the magical world the story creates for us, feel all those emotions the main character feels, would it be joy or sadness, warmth inside your body or freezing cold to the bones; imagine all those beautiful and limitless landscapes: green-green field with some trees here and there, the beautiful bright sky with heavy clouds that run a race boosted by the wind. And silence… No one around, total tranquility, only interrupted by the sound of rustling grass and lonely screams of birds. 

This magical place is called imagination. All the greatest things in the world were created here. Now it is calm and quietly here, but when our brain focuses on resolving some problem wonderful things start to happen. Someone sees a debate in the congress where every member gives some advice, the other goes to the library that appears from nowhere near that tree on the left side of the crystal clear lake, I see a sky converting into a black screen with graphs, algorithms and code snippets that explain every step. Clouds convert into words that fall on me randomly, but in few moments I understand the logic behind that distribution. It looks like a storm, but a controlled one; it seems like a total mess, but I know it’s systematic; and in one moment the solution comes… And we are back to reality, to try that solution. It might work, it might not. The most important part is to keep returning to our creativity whenever we need it and continue expanding our knowledge. Because the more we know, the more solutions can generate our imagination. And what is more important is to combine different knowledge domains as it will allow us to create connections where others do not see anything at all.

I haven’t learned storytelling yet, I just started. My first tries won’t be successful, but that is part of the game and I have enough patience to keep trying. Little by little ideas about my future projects start to pop up and it will definitely be build on cross domain knowledge, by combining science and humor or statistics and storytelling, or data and emotions, or everything together. We’ll see. 

Have a fantastic day and try to smile 1 time more than you do that on average 🙂

P.S. I am thinking to continue writing my posts in the form of a little story, even technical ones, so any feedback will be useful. By sending a message in private or leaving a comment you will help me to become better. Any thoughts how can it be improved?

Photo by Brendon Thompson on Unsplash

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