First Difficulties in Managing a Personal Blog – WILY #30

I really thought that you buy a domain, setup a WordPress and start writing posts. It seems like this from the outside, when you see other simple web-pages, other blogs and so on. I am not talking about huge platforms and massive resources, no.. Little, simple blogs like mine. And yet, there is a lot of work in the background.

Preparing a post is always a research, draft, editing, finding right picture, distributing it through social media – these are clear parts. In the beginning, I was spending much more time on it (also it depends on the topic, if it is something very technical I always recheck what I write), now the time for this work is reduced significantly. But again, this is something that you see: if writing is good, formatted, easy to read – you did your work well.

What remains in the background, about what not many people talk is maintenance of the server: security, spam, updates, upgrades, plugins to add more functionality and all these little, but important things.

Yesterday I was bombarded with spam comments from some Russian server (fabric of trolls? I don’t go for elections, calm down guys :D) and had to add an anti-spam plugin. And that spam was actually quite a good quality spam :D. What I mean: there were a lot of sentences that make sense, with “natural errors” and so on – “Findnig this post. It’s just a big piece of luck for me.” I think some kind of neural network has been used to generate all this or a spam library that randomly picks already prepared sentences. No idea. But the truth is, in the beginning I didn’t even think about protection against spam, but we are in real life, and yes, some people still do that. So sorry for them… 

It is also a good piece of news – it means my blog is getting found, I don’t write into emptiness. It also means I have to be more careful and improve it all the time. For example, it’s time to add SSL certificate to it finally. It can be done for free, BTW. Aaaaaand I have an idea for the next post 😉

So yes, despite all the filters and efforts of developers, spam is still real, it still exists, it has zero efficiency, but some people still think…. What do they actually think? Those spammers. Seriously, what do they want to achieve by doing this? People work hard to create something and they just come across and trying to leave their piece of shit on it, unsuccessfully as thanks to simple algorithms it automatically goes into “Spam” folder. 

You know, I think, those spammers are actually good guys – they reminded me that I didn’t install anti-spam filter and thanks to them I improved a little security on my blog, saved some time for myself, now I am confident my blog won’t have trash comments and I wrote an article based on this (and planned the next one) – awesome!

 Have a great day and don’t forget to install anti-spam filters 🙂

Photo by Matteo Catanese on Unsplash

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