Work Hard And Smart, But Give Yourself Some Rest

Our job plays significant role in our life. Some people work to just pay their stuff and hate or don’t like it, others follow their passion, they do something they really like. And this post will be for those who like what they do. Because people that work 8 hours a day Monday to Friday won’t experience this. Although the possibility for them exists always, no one knows what can happen.

We all have seen quotes like “do what you love, love what you do”, “if you follow your passion it is not the work anymore” (I hope you understood the general meaning) and so on and so on. People claim that when they do something significant (in their opinion) they would do that forever. But here is the thing – reality. And in reality we all need rest. I am not talking about sleep for 3-4 hours, neither I’m talking about doing nothing for a month. We function like a smartphone – battery goes down and we need to recharge it. Some may have bigger battery, some smaller – but it is not eternal. And I thought mine was eternal…

Few weeks ago I’ve got a really tough schedule and worked for 12 days in a row. And I love what I do. But at the 8th day my body started to give me hints that everything isn’t that good as it might seem. I was exhausted, walked like a zombie, but after a cup of coffee I was able to wake up and keep working. Not a pleasant experience. Actually somewhere deep inside I knew that I was wrong about my battery, but you learn better when you experience it. And I’ve got enough evidence and experience. Won’t repeat it anymore. I thought that I could sustain my typical routine and continue waking up early, working on my other little projects, meet with friends, but no – I didn’t have enough energy and – what is worse – I didn’t want to admit it.

But those days have passed, I’ve got my rest, slept well and lately I’ve been resting little too much actually :D. But the key is… I am young, I have a lot of time ahead to do all I want to do. So it is better to keep myself healthy and full of energy. And if you (yes, you, the reader) have reached this part – please, don’t exhaust yourself, it is not worth it. Get additional 1,5 hour of sleep, turn off everything and read a book, meditate, go to the beach, whatever – give yourself decent rest and be happy 🙂

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