What I Learned Yesterday #9

Again refreshing knowledge – this time data visualization in Python.

  • matplotlib.pyplot – package for basic data visualization
  • plot() – line, scatter() – dots, hist() – histogram
  • to display the plot you need to explicitly specify this with show()
  • add description to labels or title – xlabel(‘text’), ylabel(‘text’), title(‘text’) – easy, no?
  • default amount of bins for histogram is 10, but to better understand data you should play with this number as too much bins will give you unnecessary distribution and when it’s not enough bins you could loose some important insight
  • everything in data science is about experimentation
  • you can translate your machine learning model to another language using PMML (Predictive Model Markup Language) – that’s an interesting insight as I was wondering for a long time how to put this models into production and finally there is hint!

Not related to data science:

  • cold shower rocks! – started doing it for few days now and I feel much fresher in the mornings and it actually adapts your body to cold temperatures and I really believe there much more benefits, so here is a short article about this – http://bit.ly/2mtZVWQ

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