What I Learned Yesterday #5

Yesterday I’ve got quite a lot of interesting info:

  1. More about bitcoin and cryptocurrency transactions:
    • if different miners mine the same block, wins stronger miner (miner with more power in the network)
    • 51% attack is a type of fraud in the cryptocurrency world. When 51% of network decides to make some malicious actions they will succeed (almost impossible for bitcoin, but quite possible for smaller networks)
    • everything is a transaction – coins in your wallet are actually unsent transactions (not like cash in traditional wallet or money on your banking account)
    • every transaction is signed using private key, to verify this transaction you need to know public key, and if everything matches – you are good
    • to be sure that your transaction is valid and coins really got to the destination it is recommended to wait for 6 confirmations
    • if your transaction haven’t been picked during 72 hours, your coins will come back to your wallet. To avoid this you need to set reasonable fee
  2. Speed reading tips:
    • use peripheral vision – skip 10-15% on sides of the page
    • use pointer to concentrate better
    • try to read faster and allow yourself to loose 10-15% of comprehension
    • full explanation can be found here
  3. How to stop being tired all the time:
    • adapt your time in bed to your sleep cycles – every cycle approximately 90 minutes, meaning to sleep 4.5 / 6 / 7.5 / 9 hours
    • drink water
    • exercise (it doesn’t mean to die every day in the gym, just a little physical activity)
    • get sun exposure
    • more details here

Also it’s being something about stoicism, but I rather understand it better today and will make a report tomorrow. And as usually – learning quote.

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